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Distribution is transforming. Are You?

Recently, I‘ve read a text about business challenges in Distribution Industry and modern ways to solve them. I would like to share some important bits of insights with you. Mostly, about ERP as I know it best.

The story of one of our  Distribution customer started 12 years ago. A solid company experienced the growth, faced the fall, then again was growing, and now it‘s preparing for a significant business leap. What helped the company rise and grow in such a competitive Distribution business? 2 years ago the company‘s heads made a powerful decision – invest in the enterprise resource planning system Dynamics AX which combines the main company‘s processes, financials, warehouse and supply chain data. Almost for 10 years the system has been continuously developed striving to cover new more sophisticated processes and to meet changing market needs. Particularly, the main ERP system was complemented with extensions and third-party vertical solutions and thus turned into a complicated, slow-performing and gawky monster. The customer called us for help. After we made a quick performance troubleshooting session, we recognized that some of the add-ons‘ do not meet nowadays requirements, duplicate the processes, and lag due to the overload of (sometimes irrelevant) data. Here I jump to the experts‘ insights who claim that one of the most important factors of success in the modern Distribution business is an effective and scalable ERP system which is able to provide 360-degree visibility and control throughout the entire supply chain, to improve planning and increase flexibility to changing business conditions.

Does your ERP really cover today and future requirements of your business?

If you answer YES – this means that your company has made an agile long-term choice. But please don‘t rest on your laurels: the world is changing, so is Distribution Industry.

If your insightful choice is called Dynamics AX, we have a couple of important topics to remind:

  1. Possibility to boost your company‘s digital transformation with a 40% discount on Dynamics 365 (cloud) licenses to existing users of Dynamics AX with active software maintenance.
  2. Smooth and effective upgrade to Dynamics 365 using specially created tools that will save your time and money.

Not happy with your current ERP?

Then don’t waste your time and money improving your old systems – Dynamics 365 and its multiple Apps for Distribution will effectively cover and optimize all processes, improve performance and win customers.

Author Daiva Jakstiene, Marketing manager at GO-ERP

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