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How to choose the right solution for landed costs management

In a previous article, we discussed the impact of landed costs and the reasons for their automation. Following this topic, we review the main requirements how to choose the most efficient automated solution for landed costs management.

Functionality requirements for the solution for landed costs management

You will surely want a software for prompt, accurate and flexible allocation. So, when choosing the solution for landed costs management, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Will the required dimensions be covered according to your needs? For example, according to weight, volume, products amount and whether they must be allocated in equal parts into the lines.
  • Will you be able to automatically allocate the landed costs for several suppliers’ accounts?
  • Is the partial allocation of landed costs available?
  • Can you make corrections?
  • Is the revocation available? This is very important functionality, but only few software manufacturers provide this option.

Also, take into account such “soft” factors as:

  • Simplicity of usage.
  • Promptness of the actions.
  • Minimization of risks.
  • Intuitivity of the graphic user interface.

Software application and development

The solution for landed costs management must be easily integrable into your enterprise resource planning system. So, an extension of your current ERP system would be the best.

Ask about
updates. You don’t like to purchase new software every time the main system is updated, do you?

Reliability of the manufacturer

This is difficult to measure, but it’s always a key factor. Find it out and include the following aspects into the agreement :

  • Will this software be developed in the future to meet the market requirements?
  • Will you have prompt and attentive support in case you need it?

Finally, have a look at the feedback on this software. Moreover, pay special attention to the ratings, achievements, and certifications of the software manufacturer.

Author: Daiva Jakštienė, CMO at GO-ERP

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