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Dynamics 365 performance: a success worth sharing

We have recently been contacted by several large Clients suffering from the poor performance of their Dynamics 365/AX systems and applications. Using tailored Dynamics 365 Performance Troubleshooting scenario, our solution has resulted in a huge Dynamics ERP performance boost.

If you have doubts regarding your Dynamics ERP performance, the first thing to do is to check if it works to its’ full potential. So that’s where a trusted helping hand – Performance Troubleshooting assessment – might be of significant help in optimizing your ERP.

In this article, we share some valuable Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly AX) Performance Troubleshooting practices gained with our Clients.

Challenge 1: peculiar planning

A commodity Client, using MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3, had an issue due to the poor performance of transportation planning form.

Using a tailored Performance Troubleshooting scenario, GO-ERP implemented the optimization solution which resulted in a huge performance boost: time of operation dropped by 95 percent – from 4,5 minutes to 15 seconds.

Challenge 2: killer customizations

A distribution and retail Client, having more than 100 active ERP users. After an in-depth assessment, we clarified that performance issues mainly impacted big data and the amount of improper implementation of system customizations.

GO-ERP implemented several optimization solutions. As a result, in particular cases, the performance of daily operations has increased by more than 100 times! Time of operations dropped significantly saving the Client by a minimum of 100 hours per day.

Both examples prove that performance troubleshooting plays a significant role in daily business operations. And it may support business in reducing costs, as well as maintaining a competitive advantage.

The top reasons for the poor performance of the Dynamics ERP system

Based on the numerous Performance Troubleshooting assessments that we have done, the biggest impact on Dynamics 365/AX performance is done by:

  • a large number of customizations,
  • improper implementation of changes,
  • big data.

For more details and deeper insights, read our next blog entry on Business Process Optimization.

Benefits of a Performance Troubleshooting

It does not matter if Dynamics 365 has already gone live or implementation is still in progress, GO-ERP can offer your company a unique Performance Troubleshooting solution with the core value-added elements at the heart of it.

Using a range of tools and methods, we diagnose the issues, analyze software and hardware in detail, simulate big data, and perform peak loads testing, so that potential performance issues would be effectively identified.

Learn more about the GO-ERP Performance Troubleshooting process or go ahead and get your first consultation with no obligations.

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