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Working Remotely With Microsoft „Teams“

The option of convenient remote work is important to every modern business. Although there are many alternatives in the market, each application varies by the range of options, price, ease of use and so on. Often, companies try out a number of communication platforms before choosing the most appropriate and irreplaceable app. In order to set you free from spending time testing many apps in a row, GO-ERP shares its expertise and recommends an application that ensures all the capabilities for daily communication and remote work – Microsoft Teams.

Our Experience

The GO-ERP team has been using the Microsoft “Teams” application for their daily work and communication for some time now. As an international IT company, we put our priority not only on a flexible solution enabling us to work and communicate remotely. To say more, we choose the most innovative technologies that enable us to collaborate on a daily basis internally and with our customers. Thus, we are excited to share and co-edit files on “OneDrive” or “Microsoft 365” (formerly “Office 365”), carry out interactive training and recording for clients, create various chat groups, add productivity applications and much more. Microsoft “Teams” fully deliver on our expectations and surprise us with new useful features.

Enjoy using Teams for free even up to 6 months

Responding to current world issues and answering the urge for companies to work remotely due to the spread of COVID-19, Microsoft is giving Microsoft 365 and Teams a free 6-months use. Therefore, we recommend you not to miss out on these innovative tools and save money.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

  1. Virtual Meetings Without Limits. Organize audio, video, and web conferencing and live broadcasts within or outside your organization. You can invite up to 10,000 participants in virtual meetings.
  2. Great opportunity for learning and teaching. The video call recording feature allows you to view informative content or tutorials more than once and share this video with others.
  3. Be accessible anywhere, anytime. You can use “Teams” on other smart devices, tablets or mobile phones. If necessary, sign in to your “Teams” account in a web browser without the need to download the application to your computer.
  4. Edit documents live with your team. In “Teams”, you can share and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other frequently used files.
  5. Unlimited functionality. Extend your “Teams” functionality with additional third-party applications from creativity plugins and mini-games to integrations with other systems such as “Google Analytics”.
  6. Plan your time. Synchronize the “Teams” app with your calendar – don’t miss any important meetings.

We can help you

If you are interested and want to try “Microsoft 365” and “Teams” in your organization, contact us. Also, we will be happy to share our experience and provide training on how to use this system if needed.

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