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Landed cost planning: a new feature of “landed cost management” solution

Advanced and Flexible Landed Cost Management Solution for Dynamics 365 Finance/AX is one of the most wanted applications for retail, trade, distribution, and manufacturing companies that import lots of goods worldwide. The solution significantly reduces the time of landed cost (miscellaneous charges*) allocation process. Furthermore, from now on it has one more highly requested feature – landed cost planning. 

In particular, now the solution empowers the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance users to enter planned landed cost before actual landed cost invoices are received. For this reason, users can have more control over the budget and quickly notice even the slightest deviation.

The new feature allows to:

  • group purchase orders into load;
  • set up the settings of planned costs;
  • automatically add planed landed costs to load’s;
  • form and register documents of planned landed costs;
  • match planned and actual landed costs;
  • compare and analyze planned and actual landed costs difference;
  • see clear and accurate item cost and cash flow.

See all “Landed Cost Management” solution functionalities here.

Landed cost management solution is also available on official Microsoft Appsource.  Moreover, it is recognized as a “Microsoft Preferred Solution”. 

The ability to plan the landed costs posting is a small but important step in your typical landed cost allocation process. However, the use of this feature isn’t mandatory, thus it can be easily skipped if irrelevant to your company.

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*in Microsoft Dynamics 365 terminology, the landed costs are called miscellaneous charges.

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