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Success story: Warehouse management automation in “Daisena”

Daisena, the logistics and distribution company, has been using the Microsoft AX enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for many years for their daily operations and business processes management. As time went by, the customer felt that the warehouse management process could be arranged more efficiently, and be automated.  Particularly, the standard functionality did not provide enough clarity, so there was a need for more detailed information. More to that, Daisena noticed that placement of goods, collection of orders and the employees’ routes around the territory could be well optimized.

To increase efficiency, for the warehouse management automation customer chose a proven specialized warehouse management system EQUINOX Europe at the end of 2019. To empower Daisena, the integration of the Microsoft AX ERP system and EQUINOX started.

As a maintaining partner, the GO-ERP team set out to take care of the integration of these systems. More to that, the task was to ensure full mirroring of the day-to-day business management processes in the Microsoft AX system to the new warehouse management automation system EQUINOX. The aim was a smooth and flawless data exchange.

Customer feedback

“GO-ERP carried out the system integration in the shortest terms, ensuring the integration of all daily ERP processes with the newly launched EQUINOX system as smooth as possible. One of the most important things for us was to adjust business processes with the new work tools without the slightest disruption of the daily work. Secondly, we aimed at the adaptation of the company and its processes to the seasonality when there is a peak of orders during the holiday period. More to that, in the face of COVID-19, the implementation of this project appears to give even more quick answers that help us optimize things.” says Laurynas Vaitkevičius, the Logistics Manager of DAISENA.

GO-ERP can offer a wide variety of Microsoft Dynamics 365 automation solutions and integrations with other 3rd party systems. Have a look at the list of our customized solutions here. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us. Our team is always ready for new challenges. 

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