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Microsoft Industry Cloud taking industries to the new heights

Nowadays, the vast majority of customers see that there is no universal product to cover all needs. Thus, the most desired solutions are the pre-configured ones and fully adaptable to the unique needs and industry.

Usually, IT solutions are defined as either horizontal or vertical (or industry-specific) ones. The first type takes into account the customers’ general requirements, so they can be used and widespread by any organization. However, in addition to these typical processes, there are many procedures specific to a particular industry. For example, higher education institution needs the functionality to manage students’ lists and follow their performance. Another example would be the use of cloud computing in the agriculture industry which is challenging due to the problematic wireless connection and/or cloud services among the devices. Therefore, to solve this and the problems alike, the possibility of temporary or buffer data storing is necessary.

Thus, to achieve a perfectly tailored industry solution, custom code and development are required. However, implementing these customized solutions for your organization can be time-consuming and not always cost-effective. The problem appears more complex if your company uses custom-developed systems or many non-integrated products.  In this case, to ensure information exchange, connectors are needed. The more connectors you implement, the more ineffective your system becomes. So, it is worth keeping in mind that working with different software providers means uneven implementation quality. Hence, keep your fingers crossed so that everything works as it should! Fortunately, you can ease your headache by choosing a customizable system that has native integration features out-of-the-box and is well-tailored for specific industry needs – meet the Microsoft Industry Cloud.

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Microsoft has collaborated deeply with industry leaders and ISV’s, to create a tailored approach for industry needs. Microsoft Industry Cloud is a powerful, industry-oriented solution, which combines the range of Microsoft’s cloud services, including Microsoft 365 and Teams, Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and security solutions, with common data models, cross-cloud connectors, workflows, APIs, and industry-specific components as well as standards. Industry Clouds were created with industry concerns in mind. They may help businesses leap forward and provide value at breakneck speed.

Let’s take a brief look at Microsoft Industry Cloud Solutions

No matter which industry your business is running, GO-ERP specialists have extensive experience in many fields and are ready to offer the best solution for your business, taking into account the most detailed specifics of your industry. Furthermore, we can provide a solution that is fully consistent with the specifics of your enterprise. Book a free consultation today and explore the benefits of Microsoft Industry Cloud for your business.

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