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Power BI training – turn raw information into actionable insights

Recently, more and more executives tend to run their businesses based on numbers and logic rather than intuition. In order to transform raw data into deep insights and convert these insights into the solid-based decisions, it is necessary to invest in a business analytics system such as Microsoft Power BI.

However, the efficiency of a system lies far beyond the implementation and primary configuration. Ensure the efficiency by continuous maintenance, updating and control of the system – adapt it to the new circumstances and requirements. Even more, you have to be able to read, evaluate and interpret the data within the system. Only this way you can surely see that the system actually works for you. Remember what once Albert Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. The same applies to understanding data in terms of analytics. I.e., if we can’t present it simply and clearly, it means we don’t fully control or understand the analytical tools.

It‘s really nice if you have someone in your team who can actually do that. Well, but is it worth riskily entrusting all these functions to a single person? We think not. That‘s why we welcome you to master the basic functions of the “low code/no code” tool – the Power BI – during the professional trainings.

Who benefits from the Power BI training?


Business owner

Learn about the benefits of analytics for business management.



Those who work directly with the system in order to monitor and streamline processes.



Become more familiar with the Power BI tool, even without the need for programming knowledge.

What benefits do I get from Power BI training?

  • You will be introduced to different data sources as well as the ways to extract data from them.
  • Learn not only to create interactive dashboards but also to automate data updating.
  • Use Microsoft artificial intelligence solutions for statistical data processing and display, such as data forecasting.
  • Create KPIs for individual employees, departments and divisions based on historical indicators, turnover and performance of an individual employee, division or branch.
  • Learn how to organize business processes so that all KPIs are easily measured and adjusted.
  • Learn how to use Power BI to do the things analysts do with SQL, Python, and R programming languages without delving into writing codes.
  • We will introduce you to Microsoft certification and help you in preparing for it.

Master the skills needed to use Power BI to its full potential. Even more, learn how to create interactive, comprehensive reports, not only to read, evaluate, and interpret.

For more than 10 years in the market, the GO-ERP team has gained ample load of experience. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you and your team at the professional Power BI trainings. Contact us, and we will offer you an individual learning plan according to your knowledge, needs and budget.

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