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Power BI reporting: making employee motivation system more efficient

With Power BI reporting you can create user-friendly employee motivation system that will have transparent calculations of their bonuses. That will allow for more trust into company processes. Moreover, it can help employees boost their performance, since they can see what exactly they can do to impact the size of their bonuses.


A lot of companies have highly complex employee remuneration packages with a lot of indicators.

Those indicators influence monthly, quarterly, or yearly bonuses for employees. Businesses usually struggle with easy, effective, and most importantly transparent calculations.

Employees that get salary and bonuses based on such complex systems usually are demotivated with any size of bonuses, because they don’t understand how they were calculated.  It decreases trust in the calculations, as they do not see the calculation process clearly.

In such cases bonuses with no clear calculation may rather demotivate, as people do not see the clear way to influence their performance. 


Most of the mistrust from employees comes because of long lasting complex calculations and sometimes mistakes that accountants may make. With higher complexity of the system, the chance for a miscalculation rises, and this is biggest killer in trust of numbers from an employee side.

Solution for such a challenge is to move all complex mathematical calculations to an easy adaptable Power BI reporting system. It will automatically extract information directly from data source in a matter of seconds and will perform all complex calculations immediately.

Employees will see online how their salary increasing along with their successful performance. 

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