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Power BI: How to increase performance speed and visualise data?

With our Power BI Tips&Tricks section you will learn how to make the best out of this powerful analytics tool! See below insights on increasing performance speed, filtering data and more.

How to increase Power BI performance speed?


From our experience with bigger Power BI projects, where large datasets and/or a lot of mathematical calculations applied, from very beginning of project development we recommend to think about final report performance speed.

As we noticed that after creating data model and developing mathematical calculations in measures it is extremely time consuming to upgrade project for faster performance. While working with Power BI, good practice here would be to use numbers instead of text in mathematical calculations, filter expressions as much as it is possible.

This is because behind the scenes, Power BI engine and many other similar applications, numbers are handled much easier and faster due to different binary coding of different data types. While storing numbers as binary information in PC RAM, requires much less operating memory from PC, therefore speed of calculation is much faster.

How to adapt your Power BI reports for mobile applications?

If your company’s decision-makers are always on the move and need quick access to statistics to make important decisions, Power BI mobile applications may be a good choice.

To adapt your Power BI reports for mobile applications Power BI provides a mobile layout view, which assists developers in designing reports and dashboards for viewing on mobile devices by replicating a phone interface that can be easily switched from a desktop layout. Mobile layout view is available in both Power BI Desktop and in the Power BI service.

How to hide filters in your report with bookmarks?

Sometimes your report becomes too full and it’s hard to navigate through different visuals that are all around the place.

One way to make your report more organized and have more space overall is to use bookmarks! With bookmarks you can switch between the analytical part of the report with all the visualizations and the filtering part which helps save space and makes analyzing data that much more comfortable.

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