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Phone Integration with CRM: IP Telephony Solution for D365 Sales

Your customers certainly like it when you answer very quickly and proceed straight to their issue. They expect you to know who they are and answer their questions without being transferred multiple times. This is one of the key “ingredients” of a quality customer service people like to get back to.

GO-ERP has developed a solution to this issue is modern IP phone service integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales CRM, that allows you to have dynamic call queries, reporting, wallboards and automatically created activities in Dynamics 365 Sales.

What benefits can you get from this integration?

  • Enhanced productivity


    Users’ work becomes more seamless with synced contacts  between Dynamics 365 Sales and IP Telephony environment.
    – Calls can be launched directly from the Dynamics 365 Sales interface with the press of a button.
    – Incoming pop-ups ensure you never miss a call or chat. 
    – Work flawlessly with MS D365 to match incoming caller IDs.
  • An efficient solution

    – Dynamics 365 Sales contacts list will be synchronised
    – Same view – no matter if it’s a computer or a mobile phone screen.

  • Incoming/outgoing calls activities stored

    – Your calls will be stored on Dynamics 365 Sales and your mobile devices 
    – See your latest calls as a phone call activities with the details in a timeline with a matched lead/contact/account in MS Dynamics 365 Sales 
    – Recall, check the dates, durations of the last calls while on the go with your mobile device
    – IP Telephony solution complies with BDAR for phone calls recording

  • No limitations – build it as you need 

    – Allow your employees to use the advantages of IP Telephony by adding them to the ecosystem
    – Add new employees whenever is needed 
    – Choose your business module – one number for everyone or a separate for each employee
    – Choose how many lines you need 
    – Add other extra options depending on your needs

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