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Power BI with Dynamics 365 – Powerful, Affordable, and Easy tu Use

Have we caught your eye? That is right, Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based, self-service business intelligence solution. It allows you to consolidate and analyze data from different sources, combining them into reports and dashboards that illustrate and illuminate what’s happening with your business in an easy, affordable, but powerful way.


Combine Power BI and Dynamics 365

As with each collaboration, so the Dynamics 365 CRM with Power BI has numerous benefits that can transform your sales staff into a high-performing, high-efficiency team. It empowers your sales team to seamlessly track leads and prospects, monitor customers, optimize the sales process, and increase sales revenue. Here is several more benefits you can get along with the collaboration:

  1. Interactive Sales Dashboards: Power BI allows you to build interactive and personalized sales dashboards that can be customized based on individual roles or teams. Sales managers can track key performance indicators (KPIs), pipeline progression, win/loss analysis, and other critical metrics, providing them with a comprehensive view of their team’s performance.
  2. Advanced Analytics: Power BI offers advanced analytics capabilities such as forecasting, trend analysis, and predictive modeling. By integrating it with Dynamics 365 Sales, you can leverage these capabilities to gain deeper insights into customer buying patterns, identify cross-selling or upselling opportunities, and make data-driven sales forecasts.
  3. Data Visualization: Power BI allows you to create interactive and visually appealing dashboards, reports, and charts. By combining it with Dynamics 365 Sales data, you can gain a comprehensive view of your sales performance, customer behavior, and pipeline analysis.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Both Power BI and Dynamics 365 Sales are scalable solutions that can grow with your business. You can easily add new data sources, expand your analytics capabilities, and adapt to changing business needs, ensuring that your reporting and analysis requirements are met as your organization evolves.
  5. Cost Efficiency: Power BI and Dynamics 365 Sales are part of the Microsoft ecosystem, offering seamless integration and compatibility. By leveraging these solutions together, you can streamline your technology stack, reduce data silos, and minimize the need for complex data integration projects, resulting in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales user screen with Power BI

“Create a single source of truth for customer, territory, and product data and uncover powerful insights with intelligent, stunning visuals.”

By combining data from other sources across your organization, it delivers a more complete performance picture, uncovering data relationships that fuel your ability to understand why things are happening and react accordingly.

Combining Power BI with Dynamics 365 Sales provides a powerful solution for  visualizing, analyzing, and optimizing your sales processes, empowering your organization to make data-driven decisions and drive sales success.

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