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Business benefits of external Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners

For companies looking to manage their processes efficiently and increase operational effectiveness – implementation and development of new systems and Cloud migration are key factors for sucess. However, the question often arises whether to use your own IT department or to choose one of the official Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners. How to ensure successful product development and support? Here are some of the main reasons why companies choose external partners:

Expertise and experience

Official Microsoft partners have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 product development and certification. They also have extensive experience of working with companies of different sizes and in different industries. Official Microsoft partner guarantees your business high level of competence and smooth implementation process with few mistakes. Patners also draw on the knowledge for their colleagues, global portals where experts in the same field are discussing the issues.

Gartner research shows that Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners are considered leaders in this area. Read more here.

Efficient project management and faster implementation

The main activities of the external Dynamics 365 partners are the execution of IT projects and the development and maintenance of systems. Professionalism in each activity is ensured by specific knowledge and methodologies. IT uses world-renowned methodologies for implementation and system maintenance to ensure the most efficient results, manage project risks or deliver the right quality of service. International experience provides another important competency for a partner – to be able to work more effectively with international teams or foreign partners such as. Localisation issues. Knowing how to ask what to ask is an important aspect of both the speed and quality of the result.

According to Forrester research, companies that use project management services from external partners can save up to 14% on average. For a more detailed overview of the study, click here

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High operational flexibility and an extensive support network

Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners are part of a broad ecosystem that meets the IT needs of businesses of all sizes. This means that your company can benefit from a wide range of resources and expertise, including development, adaptation, support and consultancy.

According to Microsoft, 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Dynamics 365 products. This guarantees a large network of experience.  Read more here

Resource efficiency costs and return on investment

By working with external partners, companies can reduce costs on security, infrastructure, recruitment and training. And most importantly, the interchangeability and accessibility of competence. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to bring in the right expertise when your core business is not IT? Do you calculate how much it costs to keep a person in the company for a year and how much your employee is able to keep up-to-date with technological developments? For Microsoft partners, one of activities is the continuous training of professionals, and Microsoft is constantly innovating and taking care of the certification of professionals. These are huge costs that are not visible to the Customer and are physically difficult to implement on the Customer side due to the load. Having in-house IT specialists on the Client’s side is very important and provides speed in operational support, monitoring internal processes and negotiating with partners on possible optimizations.

According to a Nucleus Research study, organisations using external partners can achieve a return on investment (ROI) of up to 356% over 3 years compared to internal process development. Download the study here

Cloud-centric approach

The choice of Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners can be a decisive factor in migrating to the cloud as efficiently as possible and getting the most out of the platform. Don’t think about server purchases, premises, possible hacking, availability of applications for staff. Cloud solutions give you everything as a single service, access to applications without any installation work and anywhere at any time. You only need to care about the internet connection, your computer or phone, even if you’re on the beach. The Cloud offers an innovative way of working and a different speed. Read more about cloud solutions here.

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Certification of Microsoft partners, awarding of relevant competency payment statuses, admission to the Microsoft AppSource platform with solutions, and awarding of quality statuses for solutions – all this facilitates and at the same time ensures that the Customer makes the right choice of an implementer and developer of business management systems.

An innovative approach and the expertise to create the right tools to grow your business are essential to your company’s success. Thoughtfully matching internal IT specialists with an external Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner will give you the speed, knowledge and ability to work with the right tools to process decisions as quickly as possible across your business.

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