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MS Dynamics AX sector-specific solutions

GO-ERP can help you maximise the business benefits you gain from using the sector-specific solutions in MS Dynamics AX.

Our experts can help you use the tools to gain greater customer insight, respond faster to market opportunities, improve operational efficiency and deliver excellent customer service.

We can provide specialist support for the following business sectors:

  • Financial services
  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Retail

To differentiate themselves, successful financial services companies aim to deliver an outstanding customer experience as a way to attract and retain customers. MS Dynamics AX provides tools to help your team build strong, long-term relationships with customers, while improving profitability and operational efficiency.

Find out how MS Dynamics AX provides specific solutions for financial advisers, banks and insurance companies.

MS Dynamics AX helps professional services firms improve their responsiveness to clients, and the efficiency of their business. Project management, resource management and communication tools ensure professionals can deliver quality services quickly by making the best use of their people and collaborating effectively with both clients and colleagues.

Manufacturing is a global business, with supply chains and outsourcing operations stretching across continents. Manufacturers need the tools to control their local and remote operations and respond effectively to customer demands.

They also need to build stronger more collaborative relationships with their customers, while ensuring they can deliver quality products at competitive prices. MS Dynamics AX supports competitive global manufacturing operations with flexible solutions that include tools for supply chain management and financial control, manufacturing resource planning, human resource management and production control.

To compete effectively distributors must control costs and drive efficiencies. MS Dynamics AX CRM and ERP solutions help improve distribution channel performance with intelligent purchasing, real-time visibility of supply chain and products and the ability to balance inventory. As well as driving efficiencies, distribution solutions ensure a high standard of customer service.

MS Dynamics AX provides a solution for managing retail operations as well as customer relationships. It provides tools and facilities for store operations, merchandising, e-commerce, call center management, marketing, customer care, supply chain management and financial control. By improving control and management, this solution enables retailers to focus on and provide a great experience across all customer-facing channels.