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Business Intelligence

Can your employees access all the information they need before making decisions? Do you think they might be missing some very important data? Do you know how to deliver the power of existing data to all your employees so they make faster, more informed decisions?

Better decisions. GO-ERP can help you by delivering Microsoft Business Intelligence. This solution will empower your employees to make better decisions and drive organisational success.

Comprehensive reporting. MS Business Intelligence delivers comprehensive reporting tools and a business intelligence platform that provides access to relevant, real-time data across your organisation. You can benefit from standard reports for all of your business processes. These include analytic reports that enable deep, multi-dimensional analysis; and ad-hoc reports that you can create with SQL Server Report Builder without needing support from IT.

OLAP cubes and role-tailored business intelligence are integrated into MS Dynamics AX role centres helping to ensure your employees can access the information they need to identify and respond to critical business issues.