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5 reasons to use workspace booking application

Nowadays, solutions that allow pre-booking workspace is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Especially at the offices of various modern companies. Non-sticking to a single workspace has become a motto to modern culture offices for the past few years. Moreover, with the onset of the global COVID-19 virus pandemic, this option has taken on a new meaning and even greater significance for responsible businesses.

Answering the need to ensure the recommended distance in the offices and quickly spot the colleagues working during that period in a building, floor, or department in the event of a virus outbreak, GO-ERP has developed a flexible Workspace Booking System. So, doubt whether you really need this system? Here are five main arguments.


You sign into the app with your existing Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) account. So, there’s no need to sign up for new, additional systems. The workspace booking application is an add-on to the Microsoft 365 you already use. Even more, the application is developed using the Power Apps system. Hence, it easily integrates with other Microsoft products, e.g. your Outlook calendars.


This is an outstanding solution for Covid-19 outbreak prevention and management. Block workplaces to maintain the recommended distance. Empower the human resources department to confirm or reject reservations if they know the employee is ill or has returned from abroad. Get a report on the office’s attendees in case of a virus outbreak in a blink.


The quarantine has fueled the trend of remote work and short-term seating in the office. To say more, some employees feel like working from home and visit the office only occasionally. So, don’t keep dozens of dusty desks. Instead, create a modern and responsible office without long-term seating. Beneficially, save on rental costs and make efficient use of inventory.


Have you already applied a flexible working time and place culture? Your morning shouldn’t start by looking for an unoccupied desk… Our solution will not only save employees’ time in the mornings. Most importantly, it will improve the quality of teamwork. Thanks to the solution, project managers will easily gather scattered teammates in one place if necessary.


The application has all the necessary features. But don’t limit your imagination. Following your needs, ideas, and wishes, our team of developers can add new features and game elements. Not to stop with, they can adapt the app to your company specifics, brand, etc.


This app has proved a success among our customers as well as our own team. Honestly, the app has one more huge benefit for our team. While most of our employees work remotely, we are redecorating our office. Thanks to the application, we can mark temporarily unavailable workspaces or the seats that may be affected by the noise of repair works. Therefore, those who usually work from home, needn’t follow the progress of repair works to find a seat when at the office. They can instantly spot the workspaces to work safely and unhindered. Alternatively, it becomes clear where you wouldn’t rather have your seat at this time.

Read more about the workspace booking system here or contact us. We will demonstrate to you the system operation principles and all its functionalities.

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