Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM sales management software designed to help your organization gain a 360-degree view of critical business development processes, maximize revenue opportunities, and more effectively collaborate across pursuit teams.

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is designed for sales automation and helps organize an efficient sales process, drive your sales team’s productivity, increase conversion rates and sales volume. But each company needs a different functional set to work comfortably so our team offers several pricing plans to prevent overpayment for companies with smaller sales teams and simpler processes.


  • One centralized platform for all sales teams.
  • Massively reduces manual workload.
  • Enhances overall efficiency, allowing for increased focus on sales processes.


  • Identify leads and leverage mutual connections for warm introductions.
  • Monitor relationship health and risks from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.
  • Stay informed about contact changes and visualize relationships with interactive charts.


  • Mobile interface, push notifications, and quick updates.
  • Quick overview of daily priorities and upcoming meetings for swift customer engagement.
  • Access critical meeting details, attendee info, and AI-generated reminders.


  • CRM Sales predicts customer behaviour trends and highlights potential sales opportunities.
  • Provides insights and suggestions derived from historical data and recurring patterns.

Choose a plan that meets your business needs


Simple sales tool with Microsoft 365 integration
17 Monthly/User
  • Simplified Setup & Onboarding
  • Essential for small teams
  • Basic sales management
  • Microsoft 365 integration


Advanced sales tool
60 Monthly/User
  • Core Sales tools
  • Advanced lead & opportunity managing
  • Marketing lists & campaigns


Industry-leading automation and AI insights.
85 Monthly/User
  • Industry-leading sales automation
  • Unlimited customization & extensibility
  • Contextual insights & Sales Copilot (AI)

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Why Us?

    • Official Microsoft partner with licensed, highly skilled programmers.
    • Implementers of a wide range of business management systems.
    • Deep understanding of not only technical capabilities, but also corporate needs and business process management.
    • More than 25 international projects have been successfully implemented.

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Dynamics 365 rollouts

If your business needs of a comprehensible analysis and feature explanation in great detail, we suggest signing up for a FREE Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM audit. We will fully asses the problems, quality and provide solutions to elevate your Sales to a whole new level.

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