Trade & Commodities

Dynamics 365 – the right choice for Trade & Commodities industries

Our customers’ success proves that Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX is the best ERP system for leading companies in the commodity sector.

In order to compete effectively in the commodity sector companies that work with raw materials, primer resources and agricultural products must optimize their management and accounting process according to the highest standards.

Our AGRO Business Solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX platform is the perfect tool to help you manage and improve the necessary functions of your business for responsible resource management and control.

Here at GO-ERP, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to help both trading and manufacturing companies who purchase commodities for their own consumption or the companies that produce various types of raw materials and trade them. Our experience working with the companies operating in the commodity sector has shown us the areas the successful organizations pay attention to.

Key features that we can help you with:

  • Making sure that a production run has not been delayed by the mismanagement of the raw materials;
  • Making the necessary information available for warehouses, managers, and distributors, regarding delivery details and exact quantities;
  • Having real-time information updates about the demand and supply to ensure timely delivery of materials or efficient logistics management;
  • Forecasting sales for efficient raw material production.
By invoking our experience, industry “know-how” and MS Dynamics 365/AX platform we can ensure that your personal ERP solution is satisfying your organizational needs and keeps up with the newest practice. The always evolving and flexible Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX allows us to integrate your system with other Microsoft products for a seamless experience and visibility of information. We can help you choose from various system modules and together build a custom solution that precisely fits your business model and practices.

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