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Successful Dynamics 365 implementations and upgrades, over 150 companies, more than 20 countries. Accomplished by our teams of Microsoft certified specialists. You will receive our professional services at a competitive price.

Upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) can be a significant undertaking for any organization, as it involves migrating data, reconfiguring customizations, and ensuring compatibility with other business applications. Go-ERP, as a trusted Microsoft partner can be a valuable resource in the upgrade process, as they can provide expertise and support in multiple areas.

Dynamics 365 Implementation and Upgrade Services

Planning and scoping:
We can help you assess your current system and determine the scope of your upgrade project.


Data migration:
Our team can help you identify the data that needs to be migrated, clean and prepare the data, and perform the migration in a way that ensures data integrity and consistency.

Customization and configuration:
We can help you reconfigure customizations that you have made to your current system to work with D365 or take advantage of new features and capabilities available in D365, such as the Power Platform.

Testing and validation:
Our team will assist with testing and validation to ensure that the upgraded system meets your business requirements and performs as expected.

Training and adoption:
We can help train your staff on how to use the new system and facilitate adoption to ensure a smooth transition.

We know how to enhance the performance and capability of Dynamics 365 FO to meet the most demanding operational environments. Successful Dynamics 365 implementation will help you to take advantage of the latest technology trends. Thus, significantly reducing implementation costs.

Use efficient Dynamics 365 implementation and upgrade tools

Responding to the vivid interest in the innovative ERP system Dynamics 365 FO, we have designed a well-practiced GO-UPGRADE tool. This helps to reduce the time spent on a re-implementation of modification by approx. 80%.

Effective project management

To ensure rapid and smooth implementation project, we use the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology. Combined with Agile and Waterfall techniques, it ensures efficient planning and resource allocation. Moreover, it guarantees stringent quality control and timely completion of the whole project within budget.

Maximize your return on investment with a new Dynamics 365 implementation

Meet your special business needs with a tailored Dynamics 365 solution

Implement the system faster, at a competitive cost. Benefit from the backing of a professional services

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Go-ERP is a company with experienced consultants who have worked out the best way to keep our clients’ systems updated and leading edge. Our experience in managing, upgrading, evolving, and replacing ERP systems is extensive. We take your legacy system and upgrade it to Dynamics 365 through an easy-to-understand, future-proof method in three steps:

Evaluation Phase – we collaborate with you to decide on the pre-requisites, review the conditions and existing solution, agree on the scope and create an upgrade plan. We work with you to agree on whether the upgrade is a technical upgrade providing the functionality or it involves performing a business process and template review with old bespoke code being reduced or removed in preference for a standard solution.

Analysis Phase – we perform data analysis, risk management, detailed scope and customisation review, business process, and solution reviews. Also, we answer queries and perform risk and new opportunity management. The output from this phase is a clear and concise upgrade task list.

Installation and Training Phase – the last step, in which we upgrade the legacy system, migrate data, implement an agreed customisation approach, undertake training, perform system testing and validation. Once approved, the new Dynamics 365 solution replaces the old system in a controlled and managed migration process.

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