Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

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Microsoft Power Apps for your business

Microsoft Power Apps is a platform that enables businesses to quickly develop apps that meet their individual needs. Users with little or no programming skills can create their own applications using drag-and-drop functions and predefined templates.

Power Apps helps you analyze data, automate processes, interact with customers via smart chatbots and more. These applications help optimize business processes, save time, money and become an important tool for increasing productivity.

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The platform can be used to quickly create data entry forms to collect and manage data. Useful for companies that need to keep track of customer information, stock or employee data, etc.


Can be used to automate manual processes such as confirmations, routing and notifications. This feature can help businesses save time and increase efficiency.


Allows users to create mobile apps that can be used on any device. This function is needed for businesses that want or need to provide mobile access to their employees or customers.


Can be integrated with other Microsoft-developed applications such as Excel, SharePoint and Dynamics 365 and much more. This gives users access to additional features and data sources.

GO-ERP special offers

Feasibility Assessment

2-day program
  • We will assess your business processes
  • We will identify the most important needs
  • Find the most effective Power Apps solutions
  • We will suggest the most appropriate type of programme
  • We'll draw up an overall plan and set deadlines
  • We will assess the potential for integrations with other systems
  • We will provide money for your business

HR System

up to 100 users
250 /month
  • System implementation work based on your processes or best practices
  • Automated notifications, full process automation. Report and document generation, self-service portal.
  • Comprehensive HR document management module for employee lifecycle.
  • Performance Assessment Module and Competence Matrix.
  • Work time management: vacation, timesheet, business trips. Planning, submission, approval, oversight.
  • Fringe benefits/material responsibilities: issuance, tracking, analysis.
  • Integration with other programs

Workplace reservation system

350 /month
  • Administrator and user interfaces
  • Workplace reservation map
  • Reservation status and history
  • Integration with Outlook Calendar
  • Additional conditions*

*Up to 200 workstations, up to 5 premises, one building. Map updates once a year, maintenance response time 4 working hours, resolution depending on the level of the incident according to an agreed schedule.

Custom Solutions Development

GO-ERP – not just programming knowledge, but also a deep understanding of business processes!

  • Official Microsoft partner with licensed, highly skilled programmers.
  • Implementers of a wide range of business management systems.
  • Deep understanding of not only technical capabilities, but also corporate needs and business process management.
  • More than 25 international projects have been successfully implemented.

Let’s create the edge your business needs!

Dynamics 365 rollouts

Contact us for Power Platform | Power BI | Power Apps consulting, implementation or training services. We can organise training for individuals and groups – whether you prefer to train remotely or on site. Build smart apps quickly or configure business analysis tools.

Types of Microsoft Power Apps

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Model-based application / Canvas App

There are three different types of Power Apps, which are used to develop:

  • Canvas Apps: like painting on a blank canvas, users start with a data source, add a workflow and finally create a design. This approach offers more flexibility than model-based programmes.
  • Model-driven applications: with model-driven applications, most of the layout is determined by the data that is linked and the information that is entered into the application – what you enter usually determines the outcome. This method is more often used if the application you are developing requires more complex business logic.
  • Portals: this Power Apps is designed to create web portals (websites) that can be shared both internally and externally to allow users to interact securely with the data stored in Dataverse.

Power Apps enable developers to quickly create harmonized applications to connect business data, regardless of where the data is stored – whether on the underlying data platform (Dataverse) or across a variety of online and on-premises data sources (SharePoint, Excel, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, etc.). In addition, the system offers platform extensibility. Professional developers can merge data with metadata, apply business logic, create desired connections and integrate with external data.

The best choice of mobile app: comparing Microsoft Power Apps with Custom Mobile Apps development

When choosing between Microsoft Power Apps and a tailored mobile app, it is important to consider your specific needs and resources. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Purpose and functionality: if you need an application with simple functions, Microsoft Power Apps may be sufficient. However, if you need a more sophisticated app with advanced features, it’s probably better to go for an individual mobile app.
  • Integration: Microsoft Power Apps integrate easily with other Microsoft products such as Excel, SharePoint and Dynamics 365. The system also provides connectivity to the most popular business applications. If you use these products extensively in your business, Power Apps might actually be a better choice. However, if there is a need for integration with other less popular systems using complex logic, a custom mobile app may be a more flexible solution.
  • Time and budget: developing a bespoke mobile app can take longer and cost more than using Power Apps. If you have limited time or budget, Power Apps will be a more practical choice.
  • Tuning: the Power Apps System offers pre-designed templates that can be tuned up to a certain level. However, a tailor-made mobile app can be fully customised to your specific needs.

In fact, if you need a simple application that integrates well with Microsoft products and you have a limited budget, Power Apps could be the best choice. On the other hand, if you need advanced features and customisation, an individual mobile app may be a better choice.

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