Transform your manufacturing business with Dynamics 365

Improve productivity. Provide greater transparency. Drive business growth rapidly. Do more with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. This innovative Microsoft platform supports approx 95% of manufacturing functionality.

Today, the manufacturing industry experience probably the greatest transformation ever. Data and ERP play a crucial role in this industry. So, companies’ leaders must leverage technology to help bridge the gap between the past and intelligent future. Find out 6 manufacturing trends in 2019. Take the right direction for your business.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is enabling intelligent manufacturing. Hence, a suite of holistic, connected applications accelerates the speed of doing business. This is a great option for discrete, lean and process manufacturing.

Dynamics 365 benefits for manufacturing industry

Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

1.Connected Operations. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (formerly AX) helps coordinate activities. It maintains efficiency throughout the supply chain, ensures timely delivery and reduces costs. Whereas, project management tools and collaboration facilities help accelerate the production process.

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2. Delivering Value and Innovation. Dynamics 365 FO enables manufacturers to drive innovation and deliver higher value to customers. Combined, flexibility, operational excellence and understanding of customer requirements is the key to success in manufacturing.
Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing
3. Efficient Distribution. Dynamics 365 FO supports efficient distribution. Thus, you gain complete visibility of the supply and distribution chain. Particularly, this ensures greater inventory control, timely delivery, and costs savings. Finally, it enables manufacturers to offer competitive prices and maintain profit levels.
Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing
4. Personalized Service. The CRM capability in Dynamics 365 FO enables manufacturers to deliver a personalized service to a customer. Choose your customers preferred communication channel – web, social, mobile, and phone. Indeed, the close relationships and personalized service help build customers for life.
Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing
5. Dynamic Sales Management. Dynamics 365 FO incorporates beneficial sales tools. They help manufacturers focus on the most important prospects and customers. Moreover, the insight from the CRM system helps to identify customer preferences. Flexible tools help monitor sales campaigns and build strong pipelines. Consequently, you will offer the right products at the right price.
Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

6. Focused Marketing. Manufacturing success does not depend on operational efficiency alone. Manufacturers must focus on the changing needs of the marketplace. Hence, customers force to develop and deliver products answering their needs. Dynamics 365 FO provides tools to plan, implement and measure successful marketing campaigns. Besides, communication facilities enable to engage customers across all channels.

Manufacturing enterprises that have adopted new digital technologies generate an average of $100 million more in annual operating income than those that have not.

Let’s summarize

With Dynamics 365 FO in manufacturing you will:

  • improve safety and operations,
  • transform business processes faster,
  • provide greater transparency,
  • deliver better products and experiences,
  • empower people to make smarter decisions,
  • drive business growth rapidly.

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