Compensation process automation

With the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX functionality, the process of mutual and tripartite compensation process is very time-consuming. Commonly, the companies which have both customers and suppliers as their partners encounter such kind of problem. The GO-ERP solution is aimed at saving accountants‘  time as well as automating lengthy manual work. Even more, it reduces the likelihood of manual errors.

“Compensation process automation” solution  advantages 

Easy access
the compensation document reconciliation process can be initiated on both the customer and supplier card. 

Shorter compensation process
a lot fewer steps. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

both customer and supplier information in one window.

No calculations
calculates amounts automatically. What’s great, you don’t need any additional tools outside the system to perform calculations;

the process takes place in a familiar environment. I.e. you have it in customer or supplier open transaction forms.  More to that, the tool is easy to master quickly.

Quick implementation
the solution does not require additional parameterization. Therefore, right after the installation, the user can work with the compensation solution immediately. Simply follow the provided instructions.

Solutions functionality 

  • One can form compensation either from customer’s or supplier’s cards.
  • One form displays the operations of both the selected customer and the customer- associated supplier. Also, there is other relevant information such as transaction amounts, total amount of the selected transactions, payment dates, currency and remaining outstanding amount.
  • With tripartite compensation, you can also conveniently view the transaction lines from different companies in a single window. Moreover, you can easily switch companies in the customer / supplier cards.
  • Single form displays the total amount of all documents, the sum of the currently marked lines, and the ratio between the customer and supplier amounts.
  • Automatically calculates and updates the grand total and subtotal information by filtering transactions by date or marking lines;
  • Automatically reserves the lines to be allocated. Hence, other allocations or compensations will not cover these lines by error;
  • Create and export a compensation document in various formats: jpg, PNG; XSLS, XML, PDF, etc.

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