Microsoft D365 Human Resources module

Human resources (further – HR) is one of the main criteria in the successful company performance. In order to ensure more effective staff management, the need for efficient systems and functionalities arise, thus providing the potential to optimize HR processes. It can easily be done with Microsoft D365 Human Resources Module

To reach the mentioned goals, the companies implement the systems which cover various aspects of employees’ personal information and their professional experience, progress, competencies, and management.

For the mentioned business demands, Microsoft created and developed HR application. And from 10.0.25 F&O version, HR functionalities have been started to transfer into Microsoft F&O. After the merge of these applications, the Microsoft system users have a lot wider scope of the new D365 Human Resources module’s capabilities and advantages.

Employee profile

  • Employee cards with more detailed information to manage the employees’ data on certificates, trainings, and professional experience efficiently.
  • Easier management of trainings and professional progress.
  • Employee’s self-service allows each employee to monitor their data and perform definite actions, i.e., apply for vacation, fill the expense report, or review the set goals.

HR management

  • Comfortably fill information in a single platform.
  • Analyse, evaluate and monitor the reports about employee’s skills and competencies.
  • The standard Power BI reports in various workspaces provide detailed and visualized information about the employees, their professional capabilities and other HR aspects.
  • Task management functionality facilitates the tasks related with employment and termination procedures as well as other daily activities.

HR optimization

  • Leave and absence management. The accrual and calculation of the employee’s leave and absence days is performed according to the different plans of leave and absence types.
  • Questionnaire functionality in F&O application allows simpler and faster collection of employees’ feedback, insights, and other information.
  • Employees’ professional growth. The HR module functionality allows to perform, monitor, and plan the employees’ goals and achievements.

Open integration opportunities

  • Microsoft Teams integration allows to decrease the employee’s requests towards the HR department. I.e., the virtual bot interacts with the employees on their time-off requests and time-off balance.
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) integration allows having a structured employment process in the system.
  • The HR module integration with the third-party payroll system allows to optimize the data transfer/exchange of the employee’s compensation and benefits between the systems.

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