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Global COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many regulations and recommendations for a private business in order to prevent virus outbreaks at the workplace. One of them is to keep 2 meters distance among every working person. So, taking into account safety recommendations, GO-ERP has created a workspace booking application. Particularly, it will help prevent virus spread. More to that, tracking every possible contact becomes easy in case of a potential virus outbreak at the office.

Moreover, it is a great tool not only to keep social distancing during pandemics but also to manage the modern office with no long-term workspaces.

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About the workspace booking application 

The first thing to say, it allows the employers to effectively reorganize office plans by blocking some of the existing workspaces. Thus, the employees can pick and book a table for a particular date. The application consists of 2 environments – one for the user, and another for administrator/supervisor. Moreover, it has booking history, integration with outlook calendar, and more great functionalities. 

To note, the application was created using “Power Platform”, and it works both on mobile devices and web browsers. Finally, to implement and use this solution the only requirement is to have one of Microsoft’s “Microsoft 365” (formerly Office 365) plans (from E1 to E5) or the “Power App” license. 

Main functionalities  

  • Opportunity to block some tables in order to keep social distancing;
  • Admin and user panels; 
  • Reservation status and history; 
  • Approve and decline every reservation by the admin or choose to do it automatically; 
  • Integration with “Outlook” calendar;
  • Email notification after booking confirmation; 
  • Ability to quickly customize floorplans and other information by the administrator; 
  • Easy parametrization of different workplaces (city/building/floor); 
  • Ability to quickly download the latest office occupancy report in case of a virus outbreak. 

Why this app? 

Among all the other applications in the market, our solution stands out by these benefits:

  • Easy and quick implementation;
  • User login through “Microsoft 365” account; 
  • No need to distribute, implement, and install additional components; 
  • Clean and intuitive user experience, no difficult training needed; 
  • Ability to approve every reservation by supervisor; 
  • Good accessibility – can be used both in a mobile device or a web browser; 
  • Can be easily integrated with “Power BI” to watch and track office occupancy status. 

Have a glance!

Not only for pandemics

Workplace booking application is great not only during virus outbreaks. Nowadays, it’s getting more and more popular to have a mostly remote working culture. That is why long-term workplaces at the office are disappearing. Thus, the ability to book a table for a day or week becomes a vital feature for innovative companies.

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