Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Take control of your field operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service software, which let's you easily manage and personalize service operations, improve scheduling, staff and task control.

Why choose is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service?

Microsoft D365 Field Service is an advanced field service management software specifically designed for companies that need precise control of their technicians, asset-routing and optimize their service. This software has  advanced automation with AI Copilot and field task tracking capabilities, which immensely helps, when managing complex service operations. Moreover, this platform can be easily integrated with other Dynamics 365 applications, like Business Central or other CRM applications. The main benefits of the software include:

  • Fast adaptation of work schedules even while technicians are on-site.
  • Better accuracy in work orders and invoices.
  • Quick scheduling for well-organized service delivery.
  • Compliance with warranties and service-level agreements (SLAs).

This platform is especially valuable for companies that require fast and responsive schedule adjustments, good work order and safety compliance tracking to meet partner standards.

Benefits that Microsoft D365 Field Service can provide your organization

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  • Enable customers to schedule appointments independently through a self-service system.
  • Automate communication with customers for an efficient process.
  • Collect feedback through post-engagement surveys.


  • Integrate necessary tool into the workflow for easier access.
  •  User-friendly mobile interface for better task control.
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to solve problems in real time.


  • Fluid and intuitive interface for frontline managers for better experience.
  • Performance assessment using real-time data reporting and insights.
  • Access information anywhere through mobile app or internet portal.


  • Leverage Microsoft’s Copilot AI for more efficient work order management.
  • Summarize next steps and details for clients by using AI response generation in Outlook.

Take a short glimpse into the main features:

Dynamics 365 Field Service order management screen with a map.

Increased Worker Productivity

Dynamics 365 Field Service software enables businesses to equip their employees with the right tools and relevant work-order data and locations so they’re prepared for each service dispatch, every time.

Better operations Analysis

Get a detailed dashboard that helps your manage field service operations. It provides your business with real-time analytics on work order statuses, types, and service territories, alongside scheduling, travel times, and completion rates. The territory analysis map helps with resource allocation, while insights into primary incident types focus preventive efforts and reduce downtime.

A screenshot of the Dynamics 365 Field Service interface showing temperature readings from a heat sensor. The graph displays a timeline from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM on July 2, 2020, with fluctuations in temperature. Interface includes tabs for device settings and other sensor data - accelerometer and gyroscope, but these are not active in the view. Navigation on the left has various device management options like device registration and data synchronization.

Optimized Field Service Operations

Get actionable insights, share critical data, and access real-time remote expert support using IoT and AI-driven tools to boost first-time fix rates. Access your field service software anywhere at any time, through mobile devices – field, factory or wherever you might need it.

Efficient Communication with Clients

Use “Omnichannel for Customer Service”, which centralizes customer interactions into a single window with real-time updates and customer histories. Give personalized customer service, automate repetitive tasks and resolve issues faster.

Screenshot of Dynamics 365 Field Service application window of a customer service interface, showing a customer requesting to have their cash withdrawal limit increased for their credit card. The conversation in handled in Omnichannel for Customer Service. The agent is currently managing the request which is marked as "In Progress". The interface also shows a summary of clients recent activities and interactions with the bank, such as previous requests and customer service interactions.

Why let us take care of your field service operations?

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