Automated debt reconciliation

The solution facilitates the yearly debt reconciliation process. It makes the performance smooth, easy and accurate.

The debt reconciliation is a yearly routine eating up your accountants‘ time. It is a meticulous and tedious job. In case your company is a mid-size or large one, and you have a lot of customers and suppliers, this process might take several days or even several weeks.

Would you like having your company accountants working NOT technically, but actually performing a value-adding work?

Let‘s have a look at our automated solution. The solution is created specifically to make the yearly debt reconciliation process smooth, easy and accurate. It is based on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Facilitate the accountants‘ work and save their time

This solution will enable your accountants to:

  • Initiate the debt reconciliation process promptly and easily.
  • Generate and instantly send the reconciliation acts to all the required customers and suppliers via email within several clicks.
  • Perform all the actions in one system – efficiently and conveniently.
  • Save valuable time at work.

Efficiency of the debt reconciliation solution

Our customer, a retail and wholesale company, has got about 500 customers and suppliers to reconcile the debts with. Before the implementation of the automated solution, each reconciliation took approximately 10 minutes, so a single accountant would spend more than 180 hours (i.e. 2 weeks) of precious time on this task! Such technical work would cost the company half of the accountant‘s monthly salary, i.e. more than 1000 euros!

After the implementation of the solution, the process takes about 15 seconds, and all the work is done in 2 hours. Thus, the accountant may spend the saved time for more valuable works and professional improvement.

debt reconsiliation solution Dynamics 365 infograph
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