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Explore GO-ERP HR software and elevate your HR operations with our advanced, intuitive platform designed for efficiency and adaptability across all business sizes.

Why choose our HR software?

GO-ERP HR represents a significant advancement in HR management solutions, emphasizing the transition from basic document management to a comprehensive suite of features tailored for businesses of all sizes. It’s uniquely designed with Microsoft Power Apps for ease of use, customization, and adaptability, ensuring it integrates smoothly into any company’s existing HR workflows. The platform excels in streamlining HR processes, from recruitment to retirement, and is equipped with tools for efficient document management, process automation, and insightful data analysis. Hosted on a scalable, cloud-based platform, GO-ERP HR is the go-to choice for companies aiming to enhance their HR capabilities and gain deeper insights into their workforce dynamics.

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Key functionalities:


Streamline document creation with ease, ensuring accurate and organized records for various HR processes.


Generate detailed reports and analytics to gain valuable insights into your HR operations, facilitating informed decision-making.


Securely attach documents and information at multiple levels, ensuring data integrity and access control.


Grant access and permissions based on roles, ensuring data security and compliance with organizational hierarchies.


Create automated notifications related to various HR processes and make it easier to keep your employees informed.


Generate detailed reports and analytics to gain valuable insights into your HR operations, facilitating informed decision-making.


Simplifies and automates holiday and travel planning, contract renewal and compliance management.


Give employees the autonomy to access and manage information relevant to their work.

Transform how you manage your team with GO-ERP HR. Simplify HR tasks, enhance employee engagement, and drive performance. Click to explore how we can revolutionize your workplace.

Integrated HR Processes Overview

Talent Acquisition and Management

  • Analytics and Dynamic Talent Pool for efficient candidate matching and ready-to-hire talent repository.
  • Coordinated Schedules and Collaborative Scoring for structured and quality-enhanced candidate assessments.

Onboarding and Development

  • Automated Workflows and Customizable Onboarding for streamlined new hire transitions with checklists and e-learning.
  • Continuous Feedback Mechanisms and Performance Management Software for fostering open communication and clear goal setting.

Operational Efficiency and Compliance

  • Digital Requests and Approvals, along with Integration with Project Management, for managing vacations, business trips, and minimizing disruptions.
  • Automated Notifications and Approvals for Contract Changes, and Secure Documentation Storage for compliance and efficiency.
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Resource and Workforce Management

  • Tangible and Intangible Resources tracking, along with Recognition Platforms, to manage work tools and motivate culture.
  • Accurate Time Tracking and Real-Time Adjustments for optimizing productivity and ensuring scheduling fairness.

Unique HR solution

Experience a user-friendly interface designed for simplicity and intuitive use, boosting user adoption and satisfaction. With selective implementation, you can choose only the HR processes your organization requires, steering clear of unwarranted complexity. Elevate beyond basic document management through process automation, data management, and analytics capabilities, enhancing efficiency and insights. Ensure adaptability by tailoring the program to accommodate both standard and unique HR process needs, offering unparalleled flexibility for diverse organizational demands. Everything is managed through Microsoft Power Apps, which helps to connect to other ERP or CRM systems.

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