Dynamics 365

Increased in sales productivity 1
0 %
ROI over three years and less than one year to payback 2
0 %

Integrated ERP for smooth operations

Utilize Dynamics 365 ERP apps for streamlining your business processes.

Manage customers and sales

Take advantage of CRM solutions for an efficient sales boost.

Gain better data-driven business insights

Harness the power of a versatile business analytics solution Power BI.

Facilitate your office work

Integrate Microsoft 365 (Office) with Dynamics apps to optimize your work.

Enjoy an endless choice of Apps

For micro-industries and tasks. Find more on the Appsource.

Access your bussiness anywhere

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Access your business data and back-office functions from any place and on any device. The only thing you need is an internet connection. 

Pay only for what you use

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Using the online version, you will only pay for the number of users who worked online that particular month. Savings are guaranteed.

Simple maintenance

The Cloud Storage Data Concept

The system is updated automatically. All you need to do is simply confirm the update pop up notifications when required. 

Self-service customization

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Create your unique user interface. Use handy dashboards, set favorite colors and other customizable features.

Agile and Flexible

Start with a basic set and grow according to your needs. Because Dynamics 365 is a flexible system. Simply purchase the apps which meet your need best. Then, create your own application.

One system for all business needs

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Dynamics 365: Streamlined, Integrated, and Effective. Enhance customer engagement and sales with CRM, optimize business processes with ERP, gain valuable insights using Power BI, and streamline office work with Microsoft 365.

Let's create the edge your business needs!

GO-ERP – Microsoft Partner for Your Future Business Changes!

  • Based in Baltic States, Poland, and the United Kingdom, the GO-ERP team serves clients all around the globe.
  • For twelve years now, we have been successfully helping companies turn their future business visions into reality!
  • The GO-ERP experience covers worldwide projects in more than 25 countries.

Our expertise, application of innovations, and international experience enable us to contribute significantly to our client’s business success.

We provide Microsoft business application:

  • implementation;
  • migration;
  • improvement;
  • service;
  • consultation services.

Making a solid team, we take pride in being recognized as a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications. Moreover, we successfully deliver Microsoft Cloud solutions to clients and employ a professional team of certified specialists as well as posses all the necessary technical and business process knowledge to help reach your business goals.

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Dynamics 365 Pricing

Each Microsoft Dynamics 365 business application is priced separately so you could pay only for what is needed for you. Pricing on the apps also depends if it’s the first user’s app or subsequent qualifying Dynamics 365 app. If you have a big company that requires a complex solution, it’s always better to have an in-depth consultation with a Microsoft partner, so that you could make a smart decision.

If you need a price estimation, check out Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing guide. Or contact us for more exact pricing.

Common innovative platform Dynamics 365 ensures the integrity and smooth information flow in your company. It also delivers visual reports through interactive, real-time dashboards and analytics.

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