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Whether you are choosing a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner for the first time or switching from your current support provider, the selection process can be very overwhelming. Search results offer hundreds of partners from around the world, but what is the difference between them? How do you choose the right one, the best fit for the fruitful long-term partnership? 

While usually, the main difference among different service providers is pricing, the world of Dynamics 365 Partners is a little more complex. Choosing Dynamics 365 partner can be difficult because there are several differences between Dynamics 365 Partners that are crucial in determining whether a specific partner is the right one for your business. In this article, we list the key factors to consider and help choose your perfect long-term partner.

Industry experience 

Often, Microsoft partners focus only on a distinct set of industries. By having clients in similar fields, partners can offer a deeper understanding and share this knowledge amongst their clients, thus creating more value for every customer. It is a big advantage if the Microsoft partner has work experience with similar companies to yours. Do not hesitate to ask a partner for some related case studies.  

Business application focus   

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a huge ecosystem of Microsoft business applications that once used to be stand-alone systems. So naturally, most Dynamics 365 partners focus on one of the Dynamics ERP systems (Finance or Business Central) or CRM (Customer Engagement). Nowadays, partners are trying to grow their competence range and become more versatile to the clients. However, it still is a good idea to ask a partner what is their D365 focus. Which Dynamics 365 business application has the biggest and strongest team of specialists? Knowing this enables you to make sure that your partner’s strengths are aligned with your business needs. 

Solutions and products portfolio 

Even if your ERP system fulfils your current business needs, there is always some room for system improvement and automation. Moreover, technologies, regulations and the world are changing continuously. So, if your business wants to keep up, sooner or later you will need more than just support services. Pay attention to the partner’s solutions portfolio and product experience. Choosing already made solutions will also save you time and money.  


Not all partners provide a full spectrum of services related to Dynamics 365. Some of them may focus on support and consultancy, others only on the training. When choosing a partner think about your company’s future as well. Some services may not be relevant today but will be vital in a few years time. It is always better to get everything from one partner rather than to try juggling communications with several service providers simultaneously. 

Microsoft partnership status and quality assurance 

You may notice that Microsoft partners have different partnership statuses: silver, gold, or inner circle. Different partnership statuses reflect the different levels of a partner’s capacity and credibility. Also, it is a good sign if the partner has international ISO certification, as this ensures high-quality project management and customer support standards.

Dedicated support specialist 

Before picking a partner, find out if the company offers a dedicated support specialist account manager for you as a client. This is a person who will maintain a close relationship with you throughout the years and who always will be involved in any activity on your system. This opportunity unlocks the ability to be proactive and to ensure a smoother collaboration, quicker reaction, or even the opportunity to forecast some issues. No one likes to have a long-term partnership in place, but in an emergency situation having to wait in a support queue as if it was the first meeting. 

Communication & work style  

It may not look important, but the truth is that Dynamics 365 partner representatives are going to become your unofficial colleagues. That is why it is essential to find out if your communication style and project management approach align. Ask a partner about work methodology and make sure you set important ground rules from the beginning. The ability to form a whole team that can align their work styles to your needs is a big advantage.

Company values  

Usually, company values are not just a formality, they describe how the company operates and collaborates with clients as well. Have a look at a potential partner’s values and check if they aligns with yours. For example, if you like to guide only with best practices and make sure steps, then a brave and bold partner will not be the best match for you.

About Dynamics 365 Partner GO-ERP  

GO-ERP is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner that focuses on Microsoft Dynamics Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Engagement business applications. We offer a full spectrum of services from consultation to training and support. Most of our clients are large Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail companies. 

We are proud of our big and highly experienced team, which is constantly growing not only in size but in its competencies as well. We offer dedicated specialists to every client, with a personal approach and a high level of proactiveness. GO-ERP as a company and all its staff are goal-oriented, open, team players, and proactive – these are 4 main values that we follow every day. Would you like to try us as your partner?    

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