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An overview of striking research results: what guides the selection of CRM system?

Back in November 2021, we conducted CRM research, to better know what guides the selection of CRM system.

The CRM research aims to understand the crucial factors of choice and the expected benefits from system implementation. Eventually, it will help you make the right decision.

Here‘s how respondents evaluate the following factors when choosing CRM system


Different systems cover different business aspects: ERP – accounting and supply chain, CRM –customer engagement, and so on. It’s ideal if those systems have native integration compatibility out-of-the-box. More than 90% of respondents think this is very important. Check our article where we analyze the benefits of CRM and ERP integration.


Respondents prefer to be prepared for future business growth. 84,8% of them marked very important, that the CRM system should be flexible enough to meet increasing company’s needs.


The functionality of the system is a very important factor, and 84.8% of our CRM research respondents confirmed this.


The more third-party applications support the CRM system and the deeper they are compatible – the better. As many as 69.7% of respondents think that this is a very important factor.

Here’s what’s expected from implementation  

Increase CRM study
  • Increase the accessibility of information
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Increase data reliability/accuracy
  • Sales growth
Reduce CRM study
  • Reduce the risk of information loss
  • Reduce data duplication
  • Reduce the risk of losing the client
  • Shorten the duration of sales

So, how to find the perfect system?

It’s very easy to lose your head when the market is full of different providers. To help with it, recently we released a comparison of CRM from Salesforce and Microsoft. Today, let’s focus on Dynamics 365 facts and address them in our study.

Firstly, Dynamics 365 is not a standalone app. It is a cloud-based business applications ecosystem that combines components of CRM, ERP, BI, along with productivity applications and AI. Dynamics 365 has native integration with Microsoft solutions and a myriad of third-party applications from AppSource. Moreover, Microsoft’s investment in cloud technologies ensures 99.9% SLA, so you will never lose your data. Additionally, Dynamics 365 is flexible enough to grow together with your business and increased needs. Finally, it’s recognized as a market leader by authoritative researchers such as Gartner, Nucleus and others.

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