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Accelerate your university performance and student engagement with Microsoft technologies for education industry

Higher education institutions are undergoing radical transformations and taking a course towards digitalization. Microsoft solutions for higher education can significantly improve the university’s digital performance and student satisfaction. 

Currently, Customer Relationship Management systems are being adopted widely in higher education institutions. It helps better recruit, engage, and connect with your students at various stages of the student lifecycle. However, not all systems are suitable, and some of them even lack the key components required by higher education institutions.

So, what can I do?

Fortunately, Microsoft has created a solution – the Dynamics 365 for Higher Education Accelerator. It includes entities for student engagement, internships, scholarships, grants, and accomplishments. Moreover, Microsoft solutions for higher education also cover specific entities, fields, forms, views, and dashboards required for institutions.

How the Microsoft solutions for higher education can be helpful?

Firstly, the education accelerator can be used to assist students to succeed by better allocating the resources. Following it, it improves decision-making as it allows users to holistically visualize information. Notably, the education accelerator integrates and unifies all student’s data in one place, in order to provide comprehensive insights into student experiences. Last but not the least, it increases participation among all stakeholders, including parents, lecturers, and students. 

Here are some of many advantages of higher education accelerator

Drive higher levels of student satisfaction

Collect, store, and analyze student data. See 360-degree view of student’s journey, including scholarship opportunities, courses, events, and internships. Understand how your students behave and engage in the educational process across the institution.

Unify communication across the entire student lifecycle

On one hand, create personalized communication with potential and existing students. On the other hand, develop and strengthen relationships with your alumni. Take control of both parties at the same time with no effort.

Discover the most effective way of attracting potential students

Group potential students and focus on those who are most interested. Choose only the right channels that work for you.

Promote and manage events

Centralize events, invitations, registrations, and attendance in one place and easily report on their success and ROI.

Automate the communication process

Integrate the higher education accelerator with currently used products, such as Outlook or Teams.

Store accurate information about your students in one place

Immediately capture information and never lose it. More to that, automatically send reminders, notifications and invites to the specific groups.

Be better prepared for crises

Be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. With higher education accelerator it’s quite easy to drive maximum engagement, even in the face of the crisis. Despite the studying manner (remote or eye-to-eye), all necessary data is available and sharable online.

Data-driven dashboard and reports

See real-time metrics for applications and offers. Track success against recruiting targets with interactive, data-driven reports and dashboards.

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