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Internal task analytics – is it necessary?

It is now common for companies to integrate business management systems with analytical tools such as Power BI to use analytics, gain business insights, and apply them to make decisions. However, the inclusion of analytical tracking and internal task management systems offers even more possibilities for data analysis.

Internal task management systems can be of many different types, and their main purpose is to process daily tasks for employees, answer operational questions or deal with customer service situations.

Internal task analytics – what are the benefits?


  • Firstly, analytics is extended with additional dimensions/sections that are not available in the business management system.
  • Tasks such as plan-fact can be supplemented with sources from Excel.
  • We can link task information to a customer, employee, or other relevant information.
  • Plus, the insights you want are available at the touch of a button. Simplified analysis allows you to get the information you need more quickly and assess different situations.
  • Different efficiency cuts are loaded without overloading the business management system in an instant:
    • metrics through activity;
    • metrics per product;
    • metrics via a manager or employee;
    • metrics by period;
    • and so on.
Power BI vidinių užduočių analitikai

Why is task analytics important for managers?

In order to manage the company more effectively and to make informed decisions, managers need to know about the daily activities and problems of their employees.

Important indicators that can be easily tracked with analytical tools and that will make managers’ jobs easier:

How quickly do we get things done?

If tasks take a long time to complete, it could be due to a lack of resources or inefficient work processes. Knowing how quickly tasks are completed allows managers to plan activities and make decisions that improve performance.

What are the most important tasks or questions?

It is important to understand which areas or issues are most dominant in the company’s activities. This allows managers to focus on the most important issues and prioritise their resolution. It also helps to identify potential points of improvement.

Which staff deal with which issues?

The division of labour and which functions or competences are important for different work groups is another important piece of information for managers. This allows us to make more effective use of staff skills and competences, assign them the right tasks and ensure that the right people are doing the right things.

What are our company’s competences?

If managers know which aspects of the business the company is competent in, they can use these strengths to shape strategy. It can also help to identify areas for improvement or investment to increase competitive advantage.

The answers to these questions enable managers to better understand their company’s performance, identify problems and opportunities, and make informed decisions to improve their company’s performance and competitive advantage. This is essential knowledge that helps managers to better manage their company and achieve long-term success.

Power BI analitikos rodikliai

Excel data integration


The task management system, Excel files, the business management system become the sources that bring together all the relevant information about the company in a single analytical tool. The use of Excel files can be varied:

  • There is a lack of information in the systems, and you want to contribute more data for comparison.
  • You have come up with a new process and you have the data, but you don’t want to invest in changes to the EMS yet.
  • You want to simulate a situation, e.g., you use different price variations.

In summary, the integration of business management and task management systems minimises the risks for the company when only middle managers have specific information about the activities they manage. An analytics solution enables managers to make the right decisions faster, improve performance and spot weaknesses before they become serious. The analytics are the basis for the Divisional Reporting Meetings, which show and talk about the figures, trends, and conclusions for all to see.

For example, GO-ERP has also used a Power BI analytics solution and combined a business management system with a task management system (in this case Redmine). Added value that makes decisions even more informed by real data.

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