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Sales Team Performance Report with Power BI

Orignally published August 16, 2022

How to structure and further motivate the Sales Team – people who have direct influence over the number of customers your company can get? With personalized Power BI reporting, you can help your team members structure their work processes according to their strengths, quickly analyze strong and weak points in the sales flow and track KPI performance in real time!

Concerning company’s profitability, the team that is the closest to being directly responsible for making profit is usually the Sales Team. By being at such a forward position, sales team members are always to blame for organization’s poor performance and are to be rewarded first if the sales are going well.

The Sales’ Team performance, indeed, has a direct impact on the results, which is why their performance is closely monitored.

Why use Power BI for sales team performance reporting?

Power BI is an excellent tool for sales team performance reporting because it allows you to create dynamic and interactive visualizations of your sales data. With Power BI, you can easily track your sales team’s performance and identify areas for improvement. You can also create custom dashboards that are tailored to your specific needs.

What are the key components of a sales team performance report? A sales team performance report should include the following components:

  • Sales team overview
  • Sales performance metrics
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Sales team activity analysis
  • Sales team member analysis

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The issue with implementing Power BI reporting

Nevertheless, these crucial employees don’t like to be monitored or measured by their effectiveness. Try to remember how difficult was to implement CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to your company. After you started gathering customer relationship data to one-point, next biggest challenge is to implement this data to sales processes and decisions that you make with this data. Without active and proper usage of the right data, the sales team struggles to fill-in the data correctly, all the customer relationship systems start to degrade with incorrect information being filled.

During 5 minutes daily or weekly sales meetings, sales team are looking for answers from the incorrect data to the management questions and most of such meetings turn into an hour of demotivation with excuses and accusations.

The solution to the problem

The solution to such an issue is to set-up transparent sales processes with agreed accountability and fixed KPI system. When the process is clear and responsibilities are shared among each sales team member, everyone knows what they are responsible for and how these responsibilities are measured. The process is called the Sales Factory.

When implementing sales factory concept, we recommend to divide responsibilities among sales team based on strongest personal skills.

Dashboard for the Sales Team for 5 min meetings: you can each the amount of KPI's acvhieved by each employee with red and green colors indicating whether it was achieved or not

Sharing responsibilities within the Sales team

For example, if some team members are good at analysis, handling large amount of data and not too fond of communication with customers, they could be responsible for lead generation. Generated leads can be passed to active sales team members, who have strong verbal communication skills. They, in turn, can handle contacting regarding new opportunities to customers.

  1. Contact with a customer is made and the customer got interested in new idea, this opportunity can be taken by highly experienced sales members who have answers to all specific customer questions.
  2. After deal is closed, all the following activities before signing the contract with customers, can be handled by sales team members with strong interrelationship skills. Such a flow system allows you to use the best personal qualities of your workers and ensure the consistency of the sales process.

After such extremely effective system is arranged, it is super important to fine tune it and ensure that every part of the flow performs as planned. This is the biggest challenge for sales manager and the best tool that he can get for effective control and upgrade of such a flow is automated sales performance KPI dashboard.

The Sales Factory Pipeline

Why choose Power BI reporting?

With such a dashboard, weak points of the sales flow can be detected in a few minutes and during real 5 min. meetings. Effective decisions can be made on sales flow processes quicker and more accurate than before.

This measurement system at the same time ensures the right data to be entered, since it is based on conversion ratio from one flow process to another. Some sales processes are based on salespeople actions and other on their results, therefore when action KPIs will be green, but result KPIs will not be fulfilled for a longer time it will be obvious who is not  acting at the moment.  

Another Dashboard showing each employee's activity, targeted customers, emails that were sent and the recepients, as well as the result overview
Dashboard showing areas of the customers' location and sales activities, visible to the Sales Team

With the help of Power BI these dashboards are fully automatic and collect data from many different sources, therefore it is eligible to implement it in companies that use different CRM, ERP and other systems.

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