Financial management solutions

Our financial management solutions enable companies to comply with the goverment requirements and efficiently manage their processes, allowing easy access to all the necessary financial information in one place.

According to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, every company operating in Lithuania is obliged to submit mandatory data sets to the systems of state authorities. To help companies quickly and error-free perform this duty, GO-ERP has developed specific solutions for companies to manage their finances. The package consists of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM extensions for the mandatory export of data to state systems in accordance with the requirements of Lithuanian legislation. Makes bookkeeping and financial management much easier.

The financial management solution consists of 10 different extensions. Each plug-in can also be installed separately. Extensively adapted and meets all requirements for the Lithuanian market.

Financial management decisions include:


Transfers data on received and issued VAT Invoices to the smart tax system (i.MAS) according to state tax authority (VMI) requirements.


Quickly and conveniently transfers required standard accounting data file to i.MAS.


Provides information on packaging and products, as required by the Ministry of the Environment.


Data exchange between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SEB Bank.


Bank payments in euro under a common European standard - efficient, fast and secure


Checking the VAT identification number in D365 applications and checking history.


Significantly facilitates transactions with suppliers and customers.


Integration of MS D365/AX and the invoice module of the Centre of Registers' system "e.Sąskaita".

Other useful functionalities

Various additional functionalities

Allocation of actual additional costs

Control and automation of management of additional costs


The intelligent tax administration system (i.MAS) of the State Tax Inspectorate of the Republic of Lithuania standardises the process of transferring taxpayers’ accounting data in order to make it more transparent and faster. This obliges companies to manage their data, accounting processes and systems in such a way that the necessary information is transmitted in a timely and error-free manner.

With i.MAS – GO-i.SAF, you will be able to transmit the required invoice data to the tax authorities in a timely manner and in accordance with the current requirements of the national legislation. The solution is tailored to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Benefits for your business

  • Classify and present VAT invoices according to VAT categories.
  • Ensure the correct presentation of VAT, regardless of accounting methods.
  • Accurately manage reverse charge VAT (point N.96).
  • VAT debit invoices received are entered in the sales VAT journal.
  • Easily edit/set the types of VAT invoices and their inclusion in various registers/journals.
  • Modify the properties of VAT invoices after they have been entered in the accounts with a single click.
  • Submit the marked data to I.SAF for special tax situations.
  • Include references to the revised VAT invoices in the credit/debit accounts.
  • Offers prompt advice on setting and using the parameters.
  • Timely updates on changes to I.SAF requirements.
  • Add the manual in Lithuanian and ensure that the XML structure complies with STI standards.

The GO-SAF-T solution is designed for fast and accurate transfer of standard accounting data in the SAF-T file according to the latest accounting requirements of the Republic of Lithuania. Tailored for users of Microsoft Dynamics Finance/F&O/AX business management systems.

Benefits for your business

  • The ability to link the VMI General Ledger account classifications to the chart of accounts used by the company.
  • The new function creates a SAF-T file, i.e. an .xml file, from the data registered in the AX system, according to the structure provided by VMI. You can choose the period and the type of data to export.
  • A user interface has been developed, a file start-up parameter form has been created, which sets the necessary filters for the period and the sub-parts of the file, and also starts the file generation.
  • In the SAF-T file parameters form, the possibility to split the file by logical parts has been created.
  • The data is exported together with the financial dimensions, which are used in the company’s system to detail and analyse transactions.
  • Customized for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and previous versions of AX.
  • Included in the Dynamics 365 FO localisation suite for Lithuania.
  • The solution does not use the VMI’s analytical classification of profits. It also does not provide owner data, as this is not stored in the main system.


The waste management requirements in the Republic of Lithuania oblige companies to submit packaging and product data to the unified packaging and product accounting information system – GPAIS.

GO-ERP has developed the GO-GPAIS solution, which allows companies that are obliged to submit packaging and product data to the information system to easily manage and submit the required information. This functionality will facilitate the transfer of packaging and product data from your existing Microsoft Dynamics F&SCM (F&O/AX) to GPAIS.

Benefits for your business

  • All packaging and product/item accounting data (purchases/sales/inventory movements) in one place, quick export to .xml or .excel files, possibility to edit data;
  • Fast and user-friendly submission of packaging accounting and product/item accounting data to the GPAIS information system in accordance with GPAIS requirements;
  • The solution is based on common and commonly used processes and requirements that apply across all companies;
  • Only modifications and process-specific adaptations need to be coordinated (on a company-by-company basis).
Various packaging


European Commission VAT identification number verification system VIES allows you to check whether your VAT number is valid, which company it belongs to and where that company is registered. The usual way to carry out such a check is to log in to the tool on the European Commission’s website and request the details of the legal entity.

We recommend this integration for companies that work with a large number of customers and suppliers from all over Europe, or have partners with whom transactions are rare. Read about the benefits of VIES integration with Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain management/AX for your business processes below.

Benefits for your business

  • When a new customer or supplier arrives, it’s easy to check the legal entity’s details in the database of its country of registration.
  • If you enter the wrong VAT number, the system will simply not allow you to create an order and issue an incorrect invoice.
  • As the VIES system collects information not only on the VAT number, but also on the name and address of the company, you will always be sure that you will not miss a change in customer/supplier information the next time you need to place an order.
  • You can even check the VAT codes of several legal entities at the same time.
  • Speed up the user’s work by avoiding additional connections to external systems.
  • Easily accessible results of the VAT code check – either in the supplier/customer card or in the check history form.


European countries (SEPA) have set the standard for banking transactions in their countries. With GO-SEPA, you can make these payments easily and conveniently.

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is the European countries where banking transactions (domestic, international money transfers and direct debits) are carried out in accordance with a common set standard, ISO 20022. SEPA has simplified banking payments for businesses and individuals: when submitting payment instructions, residents and businesses use a single form to send payments within the country and to other SEPA countries.

Benefits for your business

  • Make bank payments in the euro area quickly and conveniently, according to the requirements.
  • Manual work will be significantly reduced, as user-friendly tools will instantly add the payer’s code and the payee’s address to the payment file.
  • You will be able to generate payments according to the periodicity chosen by the user (via batch jobs),
  • Make different types of payments,
  • Store exported payments in the directory of your choice,
  • Import payment drafts from Dynamics 365 F&O/AX to the bank, and from the bank to Dynamics 365 F&O/AX for lists of payments made.
  • You’ll get up-to-the-minute information on the status of your payments, keep track of your account balance, and get easy access to bank statements and statements.
  • The data shall be transmitted in the ISO 20022 XML format required by the SEPA standard.


GO.SEPA PRO SEB is a convenient solution for data exchange between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SEB Bank. The data exchange is automatic, so there is no need to save the generated payment and import it into the bank or save the bank statement and manually import it into D365. The SEPA PRO solution allows:

  • Send D365 vendor payments to SEB bank automatically; payment signing is performed in SEB bank system manually;
  • Sign vendor payments in D365 and send to SEB bank system automatically; payment signing is performed in D365 system using Smart-ID or Mobile-ID methods:
  • Receive and automatically update MS D365 vendor payment statuses (received, approved, rejected). Status update could be performed by batch job or initiated by user.
  • Initiate the cancelation of payments signed in D365 if payment is not yet approved by SEB bank.
  • Import SEB bank statement automatically into the D365 general journal. Bank statement import could be performed by batch job or initiated by user.
  • Bank statement import allows you to import only new transactions, avoiding duplication of transactions;
  • View and analyse the transaction history of SEPA PRO transactions (signed and unsigned payments, payment status updates, payment cancellations, bank statement imports).

Benefits for your business

  • Time savings. By choosing data exchange with signing in the system, work is done without leaving it. There is no need for additional login and data uploading or receiving from the bank.
  • Timely status tracking. If your payment was rejected or approved by the bank, you will automatically see the status in the system.
  • Communication history with the bank. Information is accumulated in the system about why your payments were rejected and which ones were successful. This helps to adjust your actions.
  • Real-time debt monitoring. Data about your clients’ payments received from the bank is updated periodically. So you can see in real-time which of your clients have not paid according to the agreed terms.


Using the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX, the process of mutual and triangular netting in the system is very time-consuming. This problem is most often encountered by companies dealing with partners who are both customers and suppliers. The GO-ERP solution aims to save accountants’ time, automate long manual tasks and reduce the likelihood of errors.

Benefits for your business

  • Offsetting can be done from both customer and supplier cards.
  • A single form shows the transactions of both the selected customer and the supplier linked to the customer. Also other relevant information such as transaction amounts, total amount of selected transactions, payment dates, currency and outstanding amount.
  • Triangular netting also conveniently displays the transaction lines of different companies in a single window and allows companies to be easily changed on the customer/supplier cards.
  • A single form shows the total between all documents, the sum of the currently marked lines and the relationship between the customer and supplier amounts.
  • Filtering transactions by date or tagging lines automatically calculates and updates grand total and subtotal information;
  • Lines to be covered are automatically reserved. As a result, they will not be mistakenly used in other transaction overlaps or offsets;
  • Possibility to create and export an offsetting document in different formats: jpg, PNG; XSLS, XML, PDF, etc.
Handshake between two people and the third holding a tablet over a table with dcuments

Allocation of actual additional costs

The solution is designed for distribution, retail, manufacturing and other businesses that import goods in large volumes from abroad. Precise control and automation of the process of managing overheads helps companies in these industries to maximise profit margins, save time and avoid errors.

Benefits for your business

  • The solution is distinguished by its high accuracy, easy editing of actions, automated and fast process.
  • Flexible filtering system, multi-currency transactions.
  • The possibility to cancel the allocation of additional costs.
  • Enriched with new features for accurate and easy management of expenditure (additional expenditure planning functionality).
  • Invoices are recorded in various ways: on the purchase order, in the vendor’s account ledger, in the general ledger or in the invoice register;
  • Both manual and automatic creation of additional cost entries;
  • Allocation of additional costs by quantity, total, volume, weight or line item;
  • Allocate extra costs at the click of a button – to different sellers and different account lines;
  • Modelling and manual editing of the allocation of additional costs;
  • Partial allocation of additional costs, leaving the unallocated part visible;
  • Automatic cancellation of the allocation of additional costs;
  • Generation of an audit document report with detailed transaction information;
  • Allocation of additional costs in the sales account.


Integration between the business management system Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX and the invoice module of the information system “e.Sąskaita” of the Centre of Registers. The solution automates manual work and ensures accurate and secure data transfer.

The information system of the Centre of Registers “e.Sąskaita” enables suppliers of goods and services to submit public procurement contracts and contracting authorities to receive electronic VAT invoices, credit and debit documents and advance invoices online. However, for companies that are frequently involved in public procurement, using this system is very time-consuming. The e.Sąskaita information system requires a series of manual entries, which often leads to errors, data verification and a repeat of the process.

Benefits for your business

  • Saves time by automating the transfer of required documents directly from the business management system Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX to the e.Sąskaita information system.
  • Without switching off the Dynamics 365/AX environment, you will be able to send documents to the eAccount system at the click of a button and see the status of submitted documents in eAccount.
  • Ensures order within the system, linking invoices to deeds and other supporting documents.
go-e.saskaita integracija Dynamics 365/AX

Other functionalities

Various additional functionalities will contribute to easier business processes in every company

VAT Invoice number change functionality

Mistakes in your invoice might need a specialized solution to fix it. After all, a new number will be generated when a new document is prepared. No problem, you can issue a new invoice with the same numbering.

There are situations when a company needs to change the number of an invoice it has already issued. If errors are detected in a registered invoice, for example incorrect assignment of financial dimensions used for analytical purposes, the original invoice number cannot be changed, but must be cancelled and a new invoice issued. The standard functionality of the AX/D365 system does not allow any changes to be made to the invoices issued.

In order to keep the same original invoice number, GO-ERP has the functionality to change the number of the invoice issued.

SF number without functionality SF number with functionality
Original (incorrect) invoice INV100 INV100_I
Cancellation INV100.1 INV100_S
New correct invoice INV100.2 INV100

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