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Sales couldn’t be easier with GO-SalesAssist!

Transform your sales game with the remarkable capabilities of our CRM solutions. This groundbreaking extension is expertly crafted to meet the unique needs of every sales representative, simplifying the entire sales process.

Automated data search

Saves your valuable time

Intuitive and easy to understand

Enhanced sales efficiency

Tailored CRM solution

Unlock the full potential of your CRM experience with GO-SalesAssist:

  • Effortless Address Autocomplete with Okredo: Predictive entity address filling for faster data entry.
  • Lead Scout Tool: Curated leads with a simple keyword search.
  • VAT Number Validation Panel: Seamless VAT validation for time-saving accuracy.
  • Follow-up Activity Automation: Plan and schedule activities with automated data transfer.
  • Country Lookup Feature: Select countries easily or auto-populate for improved accuracy.

Dive into the details of each benefit below and discover how GO-SalesAssist can revolutionize the way you manage customer relationships.

GO-SalesAssist benefits

Filling entity address information in a computer program in GO-SalesAssist CRM solution

Automate and Optimize with Okredo’s Rich Company Data

Access all of company information at your fingertips – full company details, registration number, VAT code, address, industry classification, employee count, revenue, contact numbers, executive contacts, and website – all with a single click. While currently serving in Lithuania, the UK, and Poland, Okredo’s potential to expand globally and provide comprehensive data support wherever your sales journey takes you.

Intelligent Lead Generation

With our lead scout tool, you gain access to an intelligent search capability that goes beyond traditional methods. Simply enter relevant keywords and specify the distance within which you want to search for the companies, and let our tool do the rest. It scouts the Google database and presents you with a curated list of potential leads matching your criteria.

Say goodbye to manual searches and welcome a time-saving, efficient solution that puts valuable leads at your fingertips.

Performing intelligent search with GO-Sales Assist in GO-SalesAssist CRM solution
VAT Number Validation Panel in GO-SalesAssist in GO-SalesAssist CRM solution

Accelerate your workflow with VAT Number Validation

Our solution incorporates a robust VAT number validation feature, seamlessly integrated with the VAT Information Exchange System database. Now, you can effortlessly validate the VAT numbers of legal entities in the European Union directly within Dynamics 365.

This powerful functionality not only saves you time, but also guarantees data consistency, allowing you to automatically pre-fill address fields on forms and make manual adjustments when necessary.

Follow-up Activity Automation: Streamline Next Steps with Ease

With the Follow-up Activity Automation feature, you empower sales representatives to seamlessly plan and schedule their next activities directly within the same window where they’re currently working.

But that’s not all – when you’re ready to close your current task, the tool automatically transfers the filled fields to the next activity, ensuring a smooth handover of information.

VAT Number Validation Panel in GO-SalesAssist CRM solution
Country lookup window

Country lookup

The solution provides a convenient country lookup feature that lets users select a country from a list. Alternatively, country information can be automatically populated through integrations, enhancing data integrity and user experience.


To optimize the performance of CRM with your company’s unique requirements, it is imperative to customize it according to your business processes, key performance indicators, and technological framework. While business managers typically have a clear understanding of the metrics they wish to monitor, the intricacies of CRM may be underestimated without prior experience, leading to a failure to fully harness its capabilities.

Collaborating with GO-ERP, a global Dynamics 365 and CRM partner, provides a lot of benefits. Our expertise encompasses the intricacies of the technology, data structures, programming, and data handling competencies. This familiarity ensures a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products, allowing us to tailor it precisely to your business needs and provide custom solutions.

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