Power Automate

Full cloud automation platform with low-code and AI capabilities.

Enhance your business with Microsoft Power Automate, a platform designed to automate various workflows and processes. Save valuable resources and get more time to focus on more important tasks.

Microsoft Power Automate is a powerful tool in Power Platform family for businesses that require precise control over their workflows, efficient task management, and the optimization of process routes. This platform offers advanced robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, including AI Copilot, to solve complex operational tasks. Additionally, Power Automate can automate processes in many Microsoft Dynamics 365 and M365 applications. Key benefits of the software include:

  • Rapid adaptation of workflows, even when adjustments need to be made on-the-fly.
  • Better accuracy in process automation with 360° view of all workflows and errors.
  • Swift automation setup with templates for efficient process execution.
  • AI functionality to find automation opportunities and reptitive task completion.

This platform is particularly beneficial for companies that need quick and effective automation solutions, precise process tracking, which doesn’t need extensive programming knowledge.

Benefits that Microsoft Power Platform can provide your organization

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Automate actions in Microsoft 365 within Excel, OneDrive, Teams, and more without switching platforms. Connects with over 1,000 pre-built services including Dynamics 365, SAP, Salesforce, etc.


Employs advanced exception handling and work queues to manage unexpected errors and sequence tasks, ensuring reliable automation across various platforms you business operates on.


Features centralized control and live monitoring to provide a full view of all workflows, supported by Managed Environments that enable robust data loss prevention and scale governance.


Use low-code development environment that enables users of varied technical skills to create and deploy workflows and provides wide range of pre-built templates for quick automation solutions.

Take a short glimpse into the main features:

A screenshot of Power Automate process mining window.

Find What to Automate and Do It

Using Power Automate identify opportunities for business automation using task and process mining techniques. Use AI along with digital and robotic process automation to create workflows across a vast range of systems, desktop applications, and websites. Achieve digital transformation by integrating with other applications in Power Platform.

Get Help From Advanced AI

Accelerate the creation, modification, and expansion of process automation using Copilot in Power Automate. AI will identify faster routes to automation and get help with repetitive tasks in document processing and more. Moreover GPT integration will help you to transform your raw data into content.

Full Workflow Overview

Maintain complete oversight of your workflows with live monitoring, centralized control, and great flexibility and space for growth. Use advanced exception management, task queues, and the copilot. Managed Environments and data loss prevention strategies to ensure your data remains protected.

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    • We have a deep understanding of not only technical capabilities, but also corporate needs and business process management.
    • We have more than 25 international and many more local projects that have been successfully implemented.

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