Power Apps solutions

Microsoft Power Apps technology allows users to create mobile applications that integrate effectively and complement the existing Dynamics 365 ecosystem with a range of features that help make work more efficient and convenient.

Power Apps and Dynamics 365 integration

The integration of Power Apps and Dynamics 365 provides users with a powerful tool to manage and optimise business processes, allowing them to create customised applications without complex programming. These applications can interact directly with Dynamics 365, leveraging its databases and processes, allowing users to manage information and processes efficiently.

This integration not only simplifies data management, but also allows users to receive real-time updates and information, ensuring seamless continuity of work processes. In addition, mobile apps provide flexibility and access to relevant information anywhere, anytime, increasing employee productivity and overall organisational efficiency.

Integration also drives innovation in business by giving users the tools to implement their ideas beyond the resources of the IT department. This encourages employee engagement and innovation, as they can contribute directly to improving business processes by developing applications that meet their unique work needs.

Examples of how to use Power Apps

  • Staff reservation software in the office. This Power Apps application allows employees to book office workstations using their mobile phone. This is particularly useful in the context of a hybrid working model, where employees sometimes work remotely and sometimes in the office. The app helps to ensure that the office is spacious and safe enough for all incoming staff, and helps to optimise office layout and avoid wasted space.
  • Mobile apps in the HR department. Businesses can use Power Apps mobile apps to manage employee information, payroll, leave and travel planning. This not only simplifies administrative processes, but also gives employees easy access to important information such as their pay slips, benefits and leave balances.
  • Mobile apps in the logistics sector: logistics companies can use Power Apps mobile apps for tracking and managing freight. For example, drivers can use apps to input container filling information, which is automatically synchronised with a central server, providing real-time data and more efficient route planning.
  • Warehouse management mobile apps: Warehouse staff can use Power Apps to manage their outbound processes, allowing them to capture outbound information and even print the necessary documents directly at the warehouse. This increases efficiency, reduces the chance of errors and ensures a smoother movement of goods.

Power Apps by GO-ERP

Employee booking app for the office:

    • Allows employees to book office workstations using their mobile phone.
    • The ideal solution for a hybrid working model, ensuring efficient workplace distribution.
    • Helps to ensure a safe and smooth return to the office environment.

Human resources management app:

  • Effective management of employee information, payroll and other HR processes.
  • Facilitates the work of HR professionals by allowing them to manage processes directly from their mobile device.
  • Increases productivity and improves the employee experience by providing instant access to relevant information.

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