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Implementing The Future!

GO-ERP – Microsoft Partner for Your Future Business Changes!

Years of operation
International projects
  • Based in Baltic States, Poland, and the United Kingdom, the GO-ERP team serves clients all around the globe.
  • For twelve years now, we have been successfully helping companies turn their future business visions into reality!
  • The GO-ERP experience covers more than 25 countries worldwide projects.
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What we do

Our expertise, application of innovations, and international experience enable us to contribute significantly to our client’s business success. Noteworthy, we successfully deliver Microsoft Cloud solutions to clients and possess a sufficient number of certified specialists as well as all the necessary technical and business process knowledge.

Implementation & Upgrade

System & Operations Support


Custom Solutions Development

International Rollout

Performance Troubleshooting


Who we are

Innovative and boldly taking action first

Striving to be leaders in the field of technological innovation, we confidently take action to be the first to offer our clients the latest solutions.

Managing large-scale projects across multiple countries

We have the ability to manage exceptionally large projects spanning multiple countries and have successful examples in this field.

Finishing projects on time and to completion

With technical expertise and a profound grasp of essential business processes, we ensure successful and timely project completion.

Sharing insights and advice

As experts in our field, we gladly share our knowledge and advice with clients who may not have technical or business process expertise.

Providing training to clients

 We provide training so that our clients’ teams can effectively use our solutions and technologies.

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