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Resistance to the deployment of analytics solutions in companies

Analytics solutions enable companies to look deeper than ever before, identify trends and gain a strategic advantage. The modern business environment is unthinkable without data analysis and data-driven decision-making.

As long as companies are small, the data is easy to understand without the need for additional analytical tools. As companies grow, increase their staff, range of products or expand their activities, data accumulates that require deeper analysis. The analytical data accumulated over the years can tell us a lot about certain trends and show patterns, seasonality or other influences. These things can be spotted much more quickly and accurately using analytical tools.

So why might there be some resistance within the company to the introduction of these advanced tools?

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Insights into the Challenges Faced by Companies Wishing to Move Towards the Routine Use of Analytics for Decisions

  • People are often afraid of new technologies and processes. Changing work processes also cause discomfort for employees, especially if they feel unprepared or do not understand how the new tools work.
  • A clear understanding of the value of analytical decisions by IT staff is not necessarily understood by decision-makers in companies. After all, we are not always able to pass on what we understand well to others.
  • Choosing the right analytical solution requires additional time. This is often a disincentive for employees because the value is not clear. If the value of analytical decisions cannot be explained quickly and clearly, staff are either unwilling or unable to devote the time.
  • However, if analytics solutions are implemented, a very common problem is not believing the numbers. Analytical tools produce different cross-sections, so you need depth, a willingness to analyze and discuss what the numbers show.
  • Often the analytics show different cuts than the figures shown by financiers. Why? Financial systems have more limited capabilities (dimensions) than analytical solutions. As a result, the data cannot show the number of different insights that analytical solutions do.
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How to overcome resistance?

  1. Help with decision-making. It is essential to explain why the new tool is useful and how it will make people’s daily work easier. This can be done with the help of external assistance. Consultants who know the system well and can explain its value help decision-makers understand the capabilities and benefits of analytical tools, drawing on the experience and research of other clients. For example, the Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by Forrester Consulting assessed the impact of Microsoft’s analytics solution Power BI on businesses. The payback period for this tool was found to be less than 6 months and the return on investment almost quadrupled over 3 years.
  2. Analysis of figures and insights. To get the most value from analytical decisions, it is important to know and be able to analyze them. Having an analyst or staff member with analytical skills present in the company and assigned to the analysis facilitates the process of digging into the numbers.
  3. Employee engagement and success stories. The best way to overcome resistance is to work with employees and involve them in the process from the start. It is useful to provide training to explain how the tool works and what it can do. Also to share success stories from other companies and show the true potential of the solution.
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Analytics solutions and interactive data visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Interactive data visualization enables employees to respond instantly to their manager’s questions, with visual information as well as verbal answers. We all know that human psychology is more receptive to information when it is presented in both verbal and visual language. And the ability to see a “traffic light” or other visual representation of the data on your phone allows you to quickly see if the trend is good and what solutions are needed.

Read more about internal analytics here: Internal task analytics – is it necessary?

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