Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/CE audit

Get more value from your current investment in Dynamics 365 CRM applications

When was the last time you critically examined one of your key business processes within the Dynamics 365 CRM application thought: “How could we do this better?” Did you know that Microsoft continuously invests in the Dynamics 365 platform releasing new versions, each brimming with innovative features and enhancements that could potentially enhance your operations.

Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to helping you identify and resolve any existing issues, optimize system performance, and maximize the effectiveness of your current Dynamics 365 CRM application.

After a brief analysis, our CRM experts will provide you with a report where we will list the potential areas of interest and share our ideas for improvements – All Free of Charge!

Quality of data

Modifications review

Solution health insights

System optimization

Recommendations and suggestions

The CRM audit goes in three stages: Problem Identification, Audit and the Results.

ERP Trends

Problem Identification

  • Discussion of the most relevant and fundamental problems of the system.

  • Collection of necessary information for the audit.


  • Review of the solution based on Microsoft and GO ERP good practices.

  • Quality control of entered data.

  • Viewing the modifications (code) in the solution.

  • Insights from the Solutions Health Center.

  • Speed of decisions and critical errors.

  • Database capacity check and optimization suggestions.

Audit Results

Top three results in each of the mentioned areas

  • Insights into the performed configurations and customizations made.

  • Suggestions into improving data accuracy.

  • System speed optimization suggestions.

  • Identification of essential system malfunctions.

  • Other recommendations and suggestions.

Our Clients


As a certified long-term Microsoft partner, GO-ERP has a proven record of helping our clients leverage Microsoft Dynamics business applications to enhance daily operations. Get in touch and our experienced specialist will gladly share our experience and speed up your company’s digital transformation.

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